It was a busy evening,
Right arm be all hurting,
Had been writing from 6am,
And now stuck in this traffic jam.
The clutch felt like it was giving up,
Too much air conditioning was making me cough.
Another red light,
The first car, the Red one decided to put on a fight.
It started moving along,
The car on the right got confused,
Waited for two more to pass behind Red and then it charged ahead.
The trail forming behind Red halted at that moment,
A few others from the right then crossed the intersection.
The ones on the left,
Grasped any chances that they had.
The ones on foot held on to the signal which along with them was being ignored,
Shouted, how long is this drama gonna go.
The lights kept changing from red to green,
No shits were given that day,
None given till the May 13th.
Coz on that special day,
The elections were held,
Gentleman in that Red car won it all,
A law he passed in a meeting that started way past 12.
To abolish all the signals from all over the city,
So that all those driving their slabs could be free as Willy.
On 20th the army descended upon our city,
According to me they were way too early,
But the on-footers said they were late,
Always complaining.
Red was removed,
But the Red signals were back.
One day either I’m gonna sell my car,
Or move to Iraq.
+Nipundart 31st July 20201
#poem #poetry #red #car #driving #road #satire #comedy #story

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